Harling, a mountain biker, spent years looking for an ultra-light teardrop trailer that delivered the luxury of larger upscale RV’s, without all the hassles of towing a big vehicle. What he found was an industry lacking quality, refinement and in need of a refresh. He decided to design and build his own. Luckily, he could leverage incredible engineering and manufacturing capabilities as an owner of a large custom fabricator, Sterling ATM.

“I love the simplicity and comfort of today’s modern hotel rooms,” said Mark Harling, founder of Bean Trailer. “You immediately feel welcome and at home. Imagine if you could take a smaller version of that awesome hotel room with you to Moab, Zions, Yellowstone, etc.?

Harling, a student of mid-century design and minimalist by nature loved the inherent simplicity and functionality for teardrop trailers. It was the perfect platform for a modernized version of a classic design. After a year of designing, prototyping and testing, Bean was born.